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A lot has changed since I last posted here on my blog. As we all know life is unpredictable and not really always fair. No longer a married man, but now a single Daddy of 3 girls at home, and 3 grown children, a granddaughter and another on the way. Should I be meditating and concentrating on finding romance? I think so, love and belonging (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) is pretty important. Does that mean I am viciously hunting for my next romance? Not necessarily, though the cards seem to point to good things for the next relationship…..

Using the Romance Spread, this is what I’ve discovered: romance spread

  1. Is there hope of finding romance in the future?
    Six of Wands: There is hope of finding romance in the future. The Six of Wands represents triumph, achievement, good news and reward. There is someone for everyone, there are more fish in the sea and all those other sayings. And this card tells me that my wish for romance is good.
  2. Will the new lover be similar to past lovers?
    Ace of Wands: No! This card represents birth, growth and adventure. We learn from the past and we don’t hold that past to the will of others. People are different, although sometimes similar. My past relationships seemed to have all been similar… same types of people, same types of activities.  This card tells me that this is all going to change and be better.
  3. Will the relationship feel safe and secure?
    King of Pentacles: Yes, this is a king after all! A king is steady, reliable, helpful, rich both materially and spiritually. When you are the kings, you feel safe and secure!
  4. Will there be commitment in the relationship?
    The Empress: The Empress offers good advice, safety, security – she’s building a future for herself and her family. This tells me that the person who ends up in a relationship with me will be committed to the relationship.
  5. Is marriage a possibility in the relationship?
    DEATH: Ah, yes…. the death card. Many will read this as a negative and that marriage is not a possibility. Remember, though, that death means the end of an era, AND A NEW BEGINNING. It’s a reminder of mortality, a great change…. this tells me that marriage is a possibility, and not only is it a possibility…. it could be a new beginning for me that will also remain for the rest of my life…. until the Gods recall my mortality.
  6. Will the relationship be lasting and fruitful?
    Three of Wands: The Three of Wands represents the ships coming in, strength, grasp of the future and things needed for growth. This card is the most appropriate card for this question. It tells me what the Death card told me… that this next relationship will be my last and will it will grow and be fruitful.
  7. What can be done to find true and lasting love?
    Ten of Cups: The Ten of Cups tells me that I need to be content with who and what I am. I need to find peace within myself, to love myself and to be joyful. When these all come together, then I will find true and lasting love.

six of wandspage_of_wandsking-of-pentaclesThe Empressdeaththree of wandsten of cups

So, there I have it……. It’ll happen when the powers determine it should……

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Week in Review – January 18th

Ohio experiments on a death row inmate with a new lethal injection concoction of Midazolam (Versed) and Hydromorphone (Dilaudid).  This concoction was not previously tested and failed miserably for the condemned, Dennis McGuire. Witnesses say that Mr. McGuire “appeared to gasp and convulse for roughly 10 minutes” of the 19 minutes that it took to complete the killing.  Reason would dictate that Ohio should put their death penalty on hold, or stop it entirely, in order to find a more humane and decent way to complete this task.

Another look at the evolving police state can be seen here.  Since 9/11, many photographers have been put in the same class as terrorists.  The Department of Homeland Security has encouraged police departments across the country to question photographers if they are found to be taking photographs of just about anything, but especially public building and structures.  To note, there has no proof that any terrorist organization has used photography as a surveillance method prior to any attacks in the United States.  I have to wonder when the Google car is going to come under the same scrutiny?

Two former police officers were found not guilty in the beating death of a homeless mentally ill man.  Do you think the verdict would be the same if the roles were reversed?

One Dead in Granby Crash – And my Rant about Cheap News Agencies

A single occupant in a one car roll over died last night in an accident on State Route 48 at Windmere Road.  The details of the accident have not yet been released.  The name of the driver is not being release pending notification of next of kin.

Photographs by me! One photograph was used with my permission on

On a side rant, you may have seen my post on Facebook last night.  I just want to reiterate that I find it very sad and disturbing that news agencies want freelance photographers to give them FREE news photographs for what they call “photo credit”.  Unfortunately, I am unable to put any food on my children’s table with photo credit.  Can you see me walking into the local IGA and getting a bunch of food and telling them I am going to pay them with my photo credit?  If I call the newspaper or any of the news agencies and tell them I’d like to advertise on their website and then I’d give them credit on my website, what do you think they are going to say?

CNY Central, 9 WSYR, YNN and The Post-Standard should understand that they can’t be everywhere they need to be all the time and they should be fair to those of us that can be.  I called all of them and they all said they had a team on the way.  I informed them that there is no chance that they are going to get the shots from on scene that I have.  In fact, the reporter from 9 WSYR called me to ask how she can get closer as they were blocking the press a half mile away.  How did that work for you?

Moral of my story, if you really want the story, or the photographs….. suck it up.  Most of us don’t want hundreds of dollars, just a few bones passed our way.  We buy our expensive equipment, we pay for our organization memberships, we pay for our own training – we just want a little respect and consideration sent our way.  Thanks for letting me rant!


5/6/12 – 10:36 a.m. – Update – Troopers have identified the man killed in this accident – He was John Flugel of Pratt Street, Fulton, NY.  According to their investigation. Mr. Flugel failed to negotiate a curve, lost control and drove over a sign and culvert, then landed on the roof.

First Attempt at Time Lapse Video

While this is nothing spectacular, it is my first attempt at trying to do time lapse video.  I set up my Canon Rebel T2i on a tripod and set it up in the window to capture the “scene” outside.  I used Microsoft Movie Maker to put it together.  I managed to get over 150 photos in between doing housework, helping Tiffany with her research and spending time with the kiddos.  And here it is:



Snowy Sunday Morning

Sunday morning and it’s finally snowing.  The news tells me that we’re supposed to get maybe up to eight inches by the end of the day.  It’s really no big deal, but I was enjoying the no to low snow winter.  The big news of the day?  Whitney Houston died yesterday!  Not surprising, unfortunately.  She hasn’t been the model of living a clean and drug free life.  People don’t realize that what they’ve done in the past comes back to haunt them later in life.

On the business home front, things are looking up.  I’ve picked up a new “client”.  I have to travel to Albany on Monday to serve some papers.  It’s WAY out of the way for me, but I told the attorney I would give it a shot and see what it’s worth.  I did manage to score a visit with another attorney and his firm while in Albany.  His firm is a big one with offices in Albany, Washington D.C. and Virginia.  They are expanding into the Syracuse area and further into Rochester later this year.  I am still setting a goal of being out of the nursing business or a per diem as possible by the end of this year.

Well, enough of my rambling…. I will be putting blogs up with more substance later on.  Have a great day!


I really, really need to keep focused and do some blogging!  My ADHD always gets the best of me when it comes to projects.  Not only the ADHD, but the lack of wanting to wait, seems I love instant gratification!  Either way, I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions and I know that not all goals are instantly attainable.  I have, however, set some very attainable goals for this year and I am vowing to work hard and stay focused on them.

My first, and most important, goal is to put my wife and family first.  For without them, I have no purpose.  Many people go through life thinking that work is the most important feature in life, and in a relationship.  True, without a job, there wouldn’t be a family because they’d likely head out the door.  But, this is 2012, and family is more important than anything.  I made a commitment to my wife, Tiffany, when I married her and it’s my obligation to keep that commitment.  When I had children with her, I increased my commitment to her.  Of course, it’s a two way street, so I can only keep my fingers crossed that she feels the same.

My second commitment is to my business, Upstate NY Process & Recovery Services.  My plan is to completely replace my current income at my other job.  Freedom is best served by going out on your own and creating it.  No one is going to just give it to you.  So, if you’re a lawyer, landlord or anyone that uses a process server or needs your legal papers delivered somewhere… call me!  315-806-5414.  I also do notary public, court research and collateral recovery, but my main focus is Process Serving!  You can locate me at the New York State Professional Process Servers Association, of which I am a member.

Any other commitments I have are really just hobbies that are waiting to break through.  Photography!  I consider myself an “emerging photographer”.  I do hold memberships with American Society of Media Photographers, the National Press Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers Association and I will continue to learn my hobby.  I definitely will be one of the best photographers in my area… someday.  I absolutely enjoy concert photography and I love news photography.  I don’t expect to get rich, but I hope to sell some photos eventually.  There is a reason why artists are considered “starving”.  You can see some of my work everywhere (I warn you, I am still learning, so if you don’t like it, sorry….).  You can find my photographs on my website, Facebook, Flickr and some other places I can’t remember at the moment.

And of course, blogging!!  I love to blog even when I am not good at it.  I am going to try and make a commitment to post something daily.  There is always something to write about, there are always blogs that I read and can respond to here or even get thoughts for my own posts from.  Some of those blogs I follow using Google Reader and it’s because I think they rock.  I’ll link them here, just for the hell of it, as it will give you an idea of what I am reading!, Dad of Divas, Eric Kim, iShootShows, Luke Copping, Musician Photo Journal, Hard Rock Haven, and Carlos Miller just to name a few.

So, there you have it.  My post and some info on what happens in my brain on a daily basis!  Have a great time watching the Super Bowl tonight and we’ ll see you tomorrow!

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